Discover all you need to know about our great nation

/ 01 / Irish History + Genealogy

Irish History + Genealogy

Find out more about Irish History and our Irish surnames used locally and globally. 

/ 02 / Irish Sports

Irish Sports

Discover the traditional Irish sports played nationwide and some of the great events throughout Irish sport.

/ 03 / Famous Irish People + Movies

Famous Irish People + Movies

Look into our nation’s famous irish superstars and our world famous irish movies. 

/ 04 / Irish Geography + Counties

Geography + Counties

Learn about the geography of Ireland and find out more about our beautiful counties of Ireland.

/ 05 / Irish Food + Drink

Food + Drink

Dive into our great traditional Irish food and our exquisite famous Irish drinks and liquors.  

/ 06 / Irish Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attractions

Why not have a look at our stunning Irish tourist attractions for you and your family to visit.

/ 07 / Irish Religion + Population

Religion + Population

Discover more about how Irish religion affected our country and our Irish population.

/ 08 / Irish Politics + Industry

Politics + Industry

Find out more about how politics and industry in Ireland changed our nation.

/ 09 / Irish Poets + Artists

Poets + Artists

Dive into our great Irish poets and artists who brought creativity to our country. 


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