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eirerepublic Jul 24
What's your favourite beer, wine or cider?

I rather liked a cider called celtic cider I tasted in the States it was light and really lovely and crisp to drink.  subtle woody tone with the well-rounded flavour of the best apples. As mysterious as the legends of the Celts, as generous as the Celts themselves, Celtic Cider evokes both passion and adventure, with sword in hand! It proudly bears the symbol of the Celtic cross. It takes its flavour from its taste for heroic deeds. The sword it wields lends it the greatest soul and nobility. a superb yellow gown with hints of rosé, suggestive of the great champagne vintages.

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Monkpriest Jul 28
I liked when I was in the States a beer called Scratch N Sniff. From north Carolina.

And I must say the Germans have lovely beer and cheap as chips. There are so many i liked one being of a beer called sunday. 

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Zulu Jul 29

If the world cup was based on wine production which country would come out with the famous gold trophy?

The Final

Although not in the World cup this year, Italy would emerge as victors, producing 39,300 hectolitres in 2017. They would see off France whom come shy of a win producing 36,700.

Third Place Play Off

The third place play off would be between Spain and the United States. Spain would comfortably secure third spot with 33,500 compared to the 23,300 of the US.

Losing Quarter Finalists

The teams that missed out on a semi-final spot include Australia with 13,900, Argentina with 11,800, China with 11,400 and South Africa with 10,800.

Last 16

The countries that bowed out in the round of 16 are Chile with 9,500, Germany with 8,100, Portugal with 6,600, Russia with 5,600, Romania with 5,300, Brazil with 3,400 and Hungary with 2,900.

So Italy get their hands on another World Cup, which would bring them up to 5 wins equally the Brazilian record.

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BeerGarden Aug 2
I rather like ABBAYE DE SAINT MARTIN A Belgium beer A yeasty and slightly spicy and fruity blond beer of 7% so not too bad.Image result for Abbaye de saint martin beer pictures
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