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Carrot Aug 11
I find a lot of soaps have the same story line and bore me to tears as they they have the spoiler alert.

I think the only soap I watch is casualty at least they can act better then the likes of Easterners. And why do they all shout in Easterners?

And in corrie well who would get excited about a knicker factory and a cup of black coffee and bun from roys rolls. We could see it coming when Sally gets arrested. And What is up with the hair dressers they all seem to come out with the same hair they came into the hair dressers with. I also think the fact that we can not talk we have fair city which is awful. I think most Dublin people would no way act like that and when Kerri ann had her baby he way over the top acting made it rather a funny child birth moment. And Deco have a  shave and a wash.

And what is it with the fact they always seem to hang around a burger joint? Do they not have Jobs as they seem to be in the cafe or Burger joint 24 seven.

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ATeam Aug 12
I think there must be people watching fair city for RTE to keep it running all these years and It was further revealed that 26 scriptwriters working on a pool system were contracted to the show last year. Fifteen received €3,495 each per episode and nine were paid €1,837.

RTE said the writers were given "an additional 35pc of the basic fee per episode in respect of a further broadcast of the episode within seven days. These are rates agreed with the Irish Playwrights and Screenwriters Guild". So in other words they seem to all agree it is a good investment. Regardless of the bad acting.

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BeerGarden Aug 20
I think the old school of actors have complained about this. They said there is no chatting and the young stars just sit and eat and have there ear phones on them.  They also say that they really are not good actors...
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