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Carrot Aug 23
There are many mixed views on the pope coming to Ireland.

One wonders why it took so long for another pope to come visit.

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Lord Aug 24
I think a lot of people feel that there was a lot of abuse and unrest and the fact the church mainly some of the nuns sold off babies of unborn mothers to the states and other countries and a unmarried woman with child was frown a upon and also the fact that the abuse was covered up not just with young men in priest schools but also women. And these people are now grown up and feel nothing was done and why move a priest from one school to another where he created more abuse.
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Juniper Aug 24
Don't forget that Nuns also caused some form of abuse and for people to trust represent people of a house that is meant to be safe and help people in need and meant for people to trust the people who are not allowed to lie or judge and end up causing and covering up lie after lie.
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Hideehi Aug 24
I think times change and there will always be good and evil and sinners and people who go on daily and want to believe in faith and faith helps them heal. However I do feel that this pope is attacked more and more because he is head  of a church that covered up abuse. 
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cab Sep 4
I think he did a good job.
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