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Lord Aug 2
I tried online dating many times and seem to meet rather strange women.  They seem to be fine and then they just turn into a night mare witch hunt. they start telling me they want a family and someone new. Some already have a child, no problem with that, until they talk about there little man and it turns out it is their dog. And what a great boy he his and lovely man. Its a Dog.....

Then they say '' I give him a nice steak pie.'' 

Another woman well she seemed to be ok tell she drank loads and then said her ex was the love of her life and lovely man.

Maybe am just a magnet for such strange women?

Rather strange women?

Or just a mug?

I can tell you that I sometimes in life you meet people for a reason but sometimes you feel why oh why?  

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Zulu Aug 2
Tell me about it have had the same problem and so many dishonest people.
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BeerGarden Aug 2
I have that problem with gay women and can not find a decent one......
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Juniper Aug 3
I think its like a poker game you take the risk and may win or may go into a broken state.
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