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eirerepublic Jul 24
The National Gallery and the Hugh Lane are regular haunts of mine.

What are your favourite paintings, both in Ireland and elsewhere. I rather like Jack B Yeats Paintings simple yet full of colour tones and body.

Image result for Men of Destiny

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Zulu Jul 29
I rather like paintings by Maurice Brazil Pendergast he is rather unknown but like his tones and textures and colours and just his brush work.

(October 10, 1858 – February 1, 1924) was an American Post-Impressionist artist who worked in oilwatercolor, and monotype. He exhibited as a member of The Eight, though the delicacy of his compositions and mosaic-like beauty of his style differed from the artistic intentions and philosophy of the group. 

Prendergast studied in Paris from 1891 to 1895, at the Académie Colarossi with Gustave Courtois and Jean-Joseph Benjamin-Constant and at the Académie Julian. During one of his early stays in Paris, he met the Canadian painter James Morrice, who introduced him to English avant-garde artists Walter Sickert and Aubrey Beardsley, all ardent admirers of James McNeill Whistler. A further acquaintance with Édouard Vuillard and Pierre Bonnard placed him firmly in the Post-Impressionistcamp. He also studied the work of Vincent van Gogh and Georges Seurat at retrospectives held in Paris in 1891 and 1892. 

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Juniper Aug 3
I like this painter but have no idea who they are they paint landscapes and farm yards and barns. Related image
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Hideehi Aug 4
poppy field by claude monet 

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