The Irish Based Chit Chat Forum

Forum Rules

The following is a lost of rules that must be followed on the Eirerepublic.com chat forum. Failure to adhere to the following rules will result in closure of your Eirerepublic profile.

  1. No posting of sexual or inappropriate content
  2. No abusive or derogatory language is to be used to express an opinion or otherwise on this forum
  3. No member is to post any insensitive, illegal or offensive content on this chat forum
  4. All members must be over the age of 18 years
  5. No posting of phone numbers and or email addresses is allowed on Eirerepublic.com
  6. This forum will not allow links to Facebook pages business or personal and company URL’s are also not to be posted on Eirerepublic.com
  7. Eirerepublic.com members must not use foul language of any nature in any post to this forum
  8. This forum will not accept any form of racism, bullying or online harassment
  9. No posting of business links or telephone numbers is permitted on this forum

Failure to Comply

Failure to comply with the rules of Eirerepublic.com will result in immediate closure of your Eirerepublic account and you will be banned from making alternative accounts.

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