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A collegeeducation is extremely important. It defines who you will become in life. It also determines your friends and generally, your social life. However, for it to become of significance to you, you must ensure that you excel in it. In this article, I have explored five sure tips that can make you become an ‘A’ grade student.

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The 21st-century student is so different from a student a century ago. At the moment there is so much that you are expected to do while in school. For example, you are supposed to attend classes, do assignments, conduct group discussions, and carry out lab experiments and workshop activities. With all these demanding things, it is hard to do anything to perfection.

In most cases, you will end up achieving very little in your academic performance if you make a decision of doing all your college work alone. Therefore, it is important that you seek writing assistance from experts. The writers are always available to help you with all your academic assignments. You will need to pay a few dollars to get your work done within your set time frames. In order to get started, you are required something like “write my paperto the service provider of your choice.

Attend most of your classes

In college, most of the tests are based on lecture notes. As such, it is necessary that you attend most if not all of your lectures and ensure that you take good notes. This will help you understand most of the lessons and be in a good position to deal with the exams. Attending classes equips students with every bit of knowledge that cannot be solely acquired in reading books and notes. This will go in hand in helping you write your examinations properly and pass easily.

Study regularly

As they say, “Practice makes perfect”, so studying regularly makes a good student. You must resort to your books and notes as frequently as possible so that you can internalize your class work and stand a chance to pass your exams well.

Avoid cramming

Research has shown that most students who study by cramming end up failing most compared to those who read and internalize, a period of study notwithstanding. You have to make sure as a student that you read and understand every bit of your work and shun cramming as much as possible.

Avoid partying daily

It is important to realize that partying while in school is a form of time destructor and time wasting. So students need to understand that partying is okay only in certain measures that do not interfere with their academic life.

In conclusion, there is so much that you can do to make yourself succeed while in school. At the same time, there is a lot you can do that will not favor you in school. Therefore, be conscious of the things that can make you succeed and those that will make you fail.


You have been writing for a while, but you keep being sent back and even penalized for the same mistakes. It is one thing to learn what mistakes these are, and another to learn how to avoid them completely. When writing a thesis, there are common mistakes that are usually made by writers, and for some reason, they are mistakes that are repeated from time to time. In this article, we will highlight these mistakes and also mention ways in which to avoid these same mistakes.

·         Having shallow research.

Enough time is needed to conduct research on the topic you choose to work with. The shallow research will leave you out of points to come up with a constructive paper and thesis statement. Once you have selected your topic, consider the time you will need to research on it. As you do, prepare notes from the research that will help you once you begin to write.

·         Waiting until the last minute

When you wait until the last minute to work on your thesis, you are doomed to have the worst kind of paper. This is because you are rushing through the research and the writing, and you are definitely leaving the most important points out. To avoid this, ensure that you work on your thesis the moment you have chosen the topic.

·         Picking a wrong topic

You are already exhausted before you start your research because this is a topic that is completely strange to you. While you want very much to engage your readers when you come up with the thesis, you have absolutely no idea how to formulate it in the first place. Before picking a topic, ensure that you understand it and that you will enjoy working on it.

·         Disorganization

Another common mistake you can make as a writer is being disorganized. The reason it is important to have a notebook and write points down is to enable you to know which point needs to fall where in your paper. This is especially important in essay thesis. The organization is very necessary to avoid losing the reader.

·         Overlooking all mistakes after you are done writing.

Proofreadingis not all about grammar and punctuation. It is also about how well the paper is aligned, to ensure that it is consistent inflow to anyone who gets to read it. When you are done writing, look out for all the errors that may cause you to lose out on good marks.

As a student or beginning writer, you may have difficulty overcoming or avoiding these writing mistakes. The good news is that it should not be a cause of worry. We have professional writing companies who can assist you. The best thing about buying their papers is that they are always readily available, depending on your discipline and are also of high quality. For essay thesis which is what you are concentrating on in this case, you can even choose a writer who can work on it from time to time, in a professional service you identify.

The fact that writing a college paper is difficult is irrefutable. Regardless of where a writer is located along the writing spectrum, everyone dreads writing college papers. At the same time, writing an impeccable college paper cannot be compared to other activities such as reading a book or solving mathematical problems. As difficult as those tasks may seem, they are finite compared to the incredibly challenging task of writing a college paper.

Even though writing college papers is complicated, a college student virtually has no other options but to learn how to deal with it. This is because, in the life of a college student, college papers are inescapable as they contribute substantially to a student's final grade hence intensifying the need to learn how to write them effectively.

Some of the most useful tips for writing excellent college papers are outlined below:

·         Comprehend What Is Required

It is a complete waste of time to write a paper that is not pertinent to the prompt. It is, therefore, crucial for the student to completely comprehend what the prompt is asking them to write about before beginning to write. If the work's prompt seems incomprehensible and vague, the student should ask the tutor to make the instructions clear.

·         Research Efficiently

After understanding what the assignment requires, the student needs to begin their research for relevant information on the subject that they have chosen to write about. Take notes of the essential information and critical points when doing research.

·         Draw Up a Flat Outline

When I was in the eighth grade, I discredited the traditional system of creating an outline using bulleted points. I believed that the system was obsolete and inadequate. In college, the voluminous amount of writing necessitated a more organized approach to it. I came up with a novel way of outlining critical points before writing. Interestingly, I came to realize that the technique of outlining that I thought I had developed was not so new after all. The outlining method that I prefer to use is called the flat outlining technique.

Essentially, the flat outlining works, firstly, by avoiding building a hierarchical outline. Instead, note the topics that you prefer to tackle first and the ones that you find more difficult last. Transform the paper's topic-level outline into the desired body of work. Secondly, it presupposes avoiding writing the paper from scratch with no outline prepared in advance.

·         Use a Standard Structure  

As mentioned before, a college student will be required to write numerous papers. It is, therefore, right to say that each paper writing session should never feel like reinventing the wheel. The principal objective of writing college papers is to answer the prompts asked most accurately and relevantly. The surest way to avoid getting caught up with deciding on the aptest structure is by choosing one standard structure and sticking to it.

All in all, writing impeccable papers is a lot of hard work. Some students even opt to have their papers completed professionally by custom essay writing services. The paper is assigned to a qualified paper writer who is instructed to write according to the stated requirements.




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