We are currently working on a new website for Ireland.

This site is due to be completed soon, and from that point you will be able to find out more about Ireland and what we have to offer, whether your a local or a visitor.

Please continue down to find out some of the content which will be available.


With a list of locations to visit around Ireland why not explore and have a good time!

Ireland food

So many types of food to try and get your taste buds working overtime why not enjoy a food tasting trip

Tourist sites

Why not plan your visit with many tourist sites dotted around Ireland?

You could really make a holiday of it!

Famous People

With many famous faces from Ireland why not add your contribution if you think we have missed any.

We have inventors, actors, musicians and producers with a lot more out there people may have forgotten about.

Historical People

Ireland has been here for a very long time which means there have been a lot of historical people who have done or changed something to make Ireland the country it is today!


As politics has been here for a long time and will be indefinetally be here why not get a little more information here about what has happened and what may happen


We all know someone who loves their sport!

Why not take part in the submission and point your view across


We cant escape music regardless of where we are.

It could be rock and roll to soul music, here we are sure to have you covered!

Film & Cinema

From the good oldies to whats coming up we are sure you will be happy in this section


As most sites have these days we will have a blog to post articles about the site and content will be here for your interest

Your ability to add your own content

Don't feel like a lost sheep, we have thought about you also and will be creating a section covering all of our topics where you can add your content too

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